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"Peeta" is just "Peter" with an accent

I don’t think I’ve mentioned that I read the whole Hunger Games series in between reading A Clash of Kings and A Storm of Swords. I liked the books okay, though not enough for me to have strong fannish feelings.

I’m still really looking forward to a film version. Something about the books: I always thought there was something cinematic in the way Collins wrote them.

And I’ve just seen the trailer!
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Downton Abbey sure wasted no time going for the !drama! in S2. I just watched the second episode, and there were how many romantic entanglements? And I don't know if it's my player or a bad copy of the episode, but I feel like some scenes just...stop. The music swells and then it stops and I feel like something got cut out. Is that just me?

(Oh and is it just me or does Dan Stevens look like a grown-up version of the kid who played Colin Craven in the 1993 Secret Garden movie?)
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...Is this legit?

The cast for the upcoming film of the Les Miserables musical. I just...what?

Anne Hathaway, really? I've nothing against her, but I feel like she's always getting (mis)cast to star as everyone in everything. And it's gonna take work to make Helena Bonham Carter over into someone as charmless and repulsive as the Thenardiess.

Eddie Redmayne is gorgeous, but I have no idea if he can sing. My Michael Ball candle burns very, very bright, yo.

I don't know. :/ If this weren't an adaptation of the musical, I'd be (slightly) less leery. I actually liked what there was of the cast in the 1998 movie: Valjean, Fantine, Enjolius Marius. They did some justice to their characters with what little movie-time there was, and they didn't have to sing a single note.

But this is the Les Miserables musical, the movie-of-the-musical. And that's personal for me!

(For great justice, at least get Ramin Karimloo and Katie Hall on board! PLEASE OH PLEASE.)
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Fan Casting: Leviathan Trilogy

It’s another one! So, this idea has been rattling around in my head (crawled into my attic’, as Deryn Sharp would say) ever since I finished Goliath on a fictional-world high.

For the record, like many fans of Scott Westerfeld’s Leviathan book series, I think that an animated adaptation with Keith Thompson’s stylings would be a dream. It would add a whole new level of fan geekery for the original book illustrations,  and it would just be plain beautiful if done right.

But I've also cherished many live-action adaptations of my favorite books, and there’s no wrong (and I’ll happily say, heaps of too-much-fun) in imagining what that would be like for Leviathan! Maybe three films or a miniseries with major input from Scott Westerfeld; epic music*; great film-making; intricate steampunk/biopunk art direction; faithfulness to the story; and  living, breathing, acting actors playing the characters? Well, why ever not?
For anyone who hasn't read and might want to check  out the series, here’s the first book’s cover blurb:Collapse )

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YA book meme

Saw this while poking around on book blogs. Apparently, these are the top YA books/series for 2011. I know I'm just supposed to bold what I’ve read but I added my own touch to it…

Eyeing With Interest
To-Read Pile
Have Not Read. Do Not Want
and: ♥

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Any recs from these? Or anti-recs? Or just feel like talking books? Tell me!
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Barking destiny

I wrote this ‘bout a week ago after I had just finished reading Goliath. skywanderer</lj>, babe, you can come out of ninja hiding now; here is the flaily post!

Back when I was read the first book and Alek and Deryn first met on the glacier, I thought, “hey it would probably be cute if they started having feelings for each other, because y’know, this is classic boy protagonist meets girl protagonist (or: boy protagonist meets girl-he-thinks-is-boy protagonist). *reads further* And also, she notices his eyes a lot and he basically wants to BE her—possible early ship tease!

…Probably be cute.

…Wouldn’t mind.

…Early ship tease.

ha. Ha. HA.

Fair warning: these may not be the most well-formed thoughts. They are full of OTP FEELINGS.

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Thoughts on the other characters:

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This is my OOH SHINY! icon

This is mostly a happy post but I would just like to get this out of the way: dear world, I can love fictional ladies who are brilliant at what they do just as much as I can love an underdog heroine. Stop with the insta-MARY SUE label already. Just. STOP. *lion claws*


*In other news: I am now quite mad about Downton Abbey after only watching two
episodes. Upstairs and downstairs, I want to know eeeeveryone’s stories! Even the characters who are on the sulky, skulking side.

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Now to finish off season 1 so I can catch up to season 2 as it airs! :D

*More people should read The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern! I have this love affair with lush magical locations and got happily lost in the visuals and wordplay of this book.
Enchanted circus that appears out of the ether! With endless tents of attractions such as a maze of clouds, an ice garden, paper beasts that come to life, a carousel that goes everywhere, your own childhood memories…

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Anyway, the book is still much, much better than I’m making it sound: here is the review that got me reading it.
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Aw yeahhh

I got my copy of Goliath today! And what do you think Mr. Scott “My Canon Couples Consistently Have Sad-to-Bittersweet Endings” Westerfeld put in the dedication?

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I just loooove it when authors are even bigger shippers than their readers! I intend to reread Behemoth before I start this third book but MY SHIPPER-GOGGLES ARE READY. Oh, are they ready.

(If you’re just tuning in: the Leviathan Trilogy is a steampunk/biopunk WW1 YA series that I've been enjoying. The protagonists are a runaway prince in disguise and a badass cross-dressing girl, and I ship them like a burning thing. Relevant Anne Shirley icon is relevant!)
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I’ve got exams tomorrow at an unholy hour of the morning. Drop me something to look forward to in my inbox? ; )

If you make up titles for stories I didn't write, I will respond with details of those non-written stories. Just think of the possibilities!
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Wow. Lovely.

Ughhh, infamous fanfic author turned YA author. Just because a character has the same name as you, doesn’t mean you can rip off her lovely quotes . LEAVE MY BELOVED SKINS ALONE, y/y?

World, what is up with you today?

To update from last entry: someone else took the debate over for me --WHY IS IT EVEN A DEBATE??-- and is far more vicious than I was…and the racist person is still being thickheaded. Ugh. Not that I expected they would change (and that’s sad, isn’t it?) but he/she refuses to even listen. Just disgusting. Whatever.

Anyway. There are still good things. Thank you so much to everyone for your sweet words in the last entry. *hugs*

And now to cheer myself up, I’m off to look at people’s works in the Lady Fest! I didn’t officially sign up but I think I’ll unofficially participate anyway: I’ve been dying to dig up book quotes that made me fall in love with Cosette from Les Miserables. Maybe I’ll post them here or on Tumblr tonight.