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Fanmix: "This Town and I" (Jellicoe Road)

You could call this my ~serenade to Melina Marchetta's novel, On the Jellicoe Road. It started out as a character-by-character playlist, but then I thought, hey: why not let their whole entwined story play out in all the songs?

Cue me wasting a whole afternoon on a giant five-parter fanmix.

(...I think I may like the cover best of all.)

THIS TOWN AND I  : a Jellicoe Road fanmix in five parts

( click song title to listen/download )


flame trees . cold chisel | the boy in the tree

                                                                                   II. PRAYER TREE

edge of seventeen . stevie nicks | taylor

hometown glory. adele | hannah

the prayer . bloc party | jonah

don't you forget about me . simple minds | chaz

brooklyn is burning . head automatica | ben

i am not a robot . marina and the diamonds | raffaela

your ex-lover is dead . stars | markham and griggs

young blood (white sea remix) . the naked and famous | at the prayer tree


brighter than sunshine . aqualung | jude

boats and birds . gregory and the hawk | narnie

beautiful ones . suede | fitz

calendar girl . stars | “jem and mrs. dubose”

we are golden (acoustic) . mika | the fucked-up five

there once was a pirate . duncan sheik | and their souls stood still.

tiny vessels . death cab for cutie | jude


one more night (your ex-lover remains dead) . stars | taylor and jonah

lightning crashes . live | the brigadier

creep . ingrid michaelson | jessa

welcome home, son . radical face | the boy and the hermit

flame trees . sarah blasko | mom


rivers . kankouran | belong. long to be.

edge of the ocean . ivy  | a revelation

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