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A few quick thoughts on Game of Thrones S2

(spoilers for all aired episodes)

-that lady they got to play Melisandre is sinuous and feline and silky-voiced and fantastic. While I was reading, Melisandre was not a character in whom I was particularly invested, but I can already tell I’m going to enjoy watching her.

…also from what I remember, Stannis/Melisandre wasn’t THAT explicit in the book. 0_0
ETA: I mean, I know they're doing it. I'm just tired of the show using everything for "SEXPOSITION, YAY!"

-First time I saw Davos and Stannis, I thought the actors should have swapped roles. Davos is quite steely, and I pictured him more…onion-y? ; ) More decent family man than war savvy strategist, anyway. That’s how he first appeared to me. But I guess we don’t have the advantage of the Onion Knight flashbacks here. Well. We’ll see.

-Lena Headey continues to be magnificent. I gasped aloud at her ‘power is power’ bit. I already thought Cersei was a great character, but Lena makes me CARE.

-It seems they are making Robb more politically wise than his mother, and that does not please me. Fewer things irritate me more than when one character is given another character’s virtues, at the detriment of the latter (see also: Edmund in the VoDT
movie. *protective claws*) They had better shape up on Cat.

-Damn! Did they honestly kill off Rakharo?? I’d been looking forward to staring at his guyliner all season! : /

-Not much of Sansa yet? But Sophie Turner is so good. There’s heat and sorrow in her stare. Sansa’s speech while the Blackwater battle is raging…I can’t wait.

-Arya and Gendry! FEELINGS ALL OVER THE PLACE. After I was done with the eps, I basically stayed up until the wee hours reading Arya/Gendry futurefic. I don’t even care; there is no way that anything involving Joe Dempsie’s face can be “creepy”! The way he was sprawled on the ground and laughing fondly at her! <3

-I had my first WHOA moment when they did the murder of the bastards sequence and then cut to Gendry and Arya escaping from King’s Landing. That was a perfect first-episode ender.

So the series is rolling along, though shit hasn’t gotten real quite yet. But we are almost at that turning point!
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