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Writer's Block: Bookmarks

What is the last great book you read?

How ‘bout two?

--The Fault in our Stars by John Green. I read this book in one emotional gulp, one sick afternoon ago. It was one of those hazy, omg-does-the-world-still-actually-exist? reading experiences. I remember thinking things like: I am going to crack and I have to lock that door or they’ll all catch me losing it , then next thing I knew: huh, it is locked already, did I do that? Whatevs. Hazeeeel! Augustuuuus!

Also: whoops, that’s a scarf, not a tissue (lucky for that poor scarf).

And yet! I was tearing up*, but I also laughed so hard that I choked on my lozenges. Sometimes did both at the same time. To quote another book that I love: “they were the kind of tears that came when she was just too full."

--I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith. I just finished it this morning, after reading it various states of dreaminess for the past days. How to describe it? Blurb-y words like ‘sensory’ and ‘dreamlike’ won’t suffice. Cassandra Mortmain’s diary entries are like listening to pieces of music composed by Yasunori Mitsuda . There, that’s high praise from me.

Yep, I’d seen the TV movie before. Flawless cast that I couldn’t get out of my head-canon (I Capture the Castle = that time when Riley Finn from Buffy gave me feels!). Well except for that unremarkable dude who played Simon (mentally replaced him with Joshua Jackson).

Here’s a quote that I wrote down towards the end (but there are SO many quotable quotes, this is just the one I ‘caught’): I only want to write. And there’s no college for that except life.

"No college except life"—don’t you just love that?

*some people sob over books. I tear up and implode.
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