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hair, monsters, and a swordsman

+ *Luke Skywalker voice* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Well, damn! Here I was believing all these years that my hair was just too thick to stay put in those braid loopies. And wondering where the hell Leia hid the tufty ends of her braids.

+I found that article in the first place because I am convinced that there is a pic out there with Jessica Sula wearing Leia hairbuns. I saw it once, I swear. Still no luck in finding it, if it exists… but I now am thisclose to making a Star Wars!Skins Tumblr photoset with Grace as Leia, Rich as Han, and Alo as Luke (Farmboy, geddit?).

shhhh, this is how I deal.

+That Naboo underwater chase in The Phantom Menace is ten times funnier if you imagine that Qui-Gonn and Obi Wan were trolling Jar Jar Binks through the whole scene. THINK ABOUT IT. They are both perfectly straight-faced when those things come at them out of nowhere, and come on, it’s kind of hard to believe that they never Force-sensed those gargantuan underwater disturbances.

Further proof of this: Jar Jar squawks and passes out, and then Obi Wan tells Qui Gonn: “I think you overdid it.”

(lol, so George Lucas probably didn’t intend the line to mean “Epic trolling, Master”. But it’s way more fun that way, and he Rick-Rolled us with Jar Jar, SO.)

+ I have only now processed that this is going to be an actual movie on actual movie screens.

GOOD GRAVY, that is actually going to be in my eyeballs.

I haven’t seen Rurouni Kenshin in years and years, and oh my gosh, this takes me back. WAY back. Watching it religiously on primetime AXN…and, if the episode reached awesome level, rushing home from school at noon to catch the rerun. The epicness that was the Shishio Makoto episode arc (brrrrr: he is honestly one of the most terrifying animated villains EVER). Getting the Trust and Betrayal prequel and marathoning it many, many times with my friends and little bro. And thinking it was one of the most beautiful things I’d ever seen put to animation. I still think that.

:boggles at trailer: OOH. That Kaoru? Is that Megumi or Tomoe? THAT is definitely Sanosuke because the rooster-y hair and the white outfit and the BIGASS sword and wow Sano, I had a monster fictional crush on you.

And ahhh, Saito! I pictured him more roach-like, but that’s okay. Crossing my fingers that he’ll be the fabulous bastard I know.

Wait, where’s Yahiko?

oh help

what is air

I hope this is released everywhere, with a subtitled theatrical version. Because tons of grown-ass fans WILL be slavering to see this!

(Amusingly, the little bro’s reaction when he heard about this was something like shitshitshit, please don’t tell me it stars Tom Cruise.)
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